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Appointment change requests are best made via email as we expect that our reception services may be interrupted in light of the widespread cancellation of school.  Please email cancellations or change requests to

We are currently exploring alternative distance therapy options and will update clients and families who have booked appointments as soon as possible.  Please follow Alberta Health and Health Canada recommendations for social distancing and other strategies to manage illness.

For inquiries and bookings please call our office:

Phone: 403-984-1252

Location: Varsity ExecuCenter, 1700 Varsity Estates Dr. NW, Calgary

The office is located in Varsity and is a part of the Varsity Executive Office Center. Free parking can be found BEHIND the building by using the shared driveway with the golf course to access the main parking lot for the Executive Center. Entry to the office center during business hours is also through this rear lot.

For after hours or weekend appointments ONLY, access to Aspire Group is through the west side condo entrance by using the enter phone on to the left of the glass doors and buzzing Unit 101.